LEED GOLD Certified Apparel Factory

ABA group is leading exprot oriented garment manufacturing industry and specializes in manufacturing all type of garments of reputed brands for the international market. Under the expansion program a new state of art “Green Factory”, Pimkie apparels Ltd. is certification.

Energy solve international was invited by the ABA group to facilities the Leed Gold certification process in Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Green Voyage

Energy cost
reduction by 32%

Carbon footprint
lowered by 30%

Water cost
reduction by 36%

Potable water saving
of over 36% from
efficient fixtures.

Expected Construction
waste diversion
over 75%.

Installation of Energy
meters monitor savings
at regular intervals.

Efficient lighting
system with LED,
T5 and CFL.

An Erosion and sedimentation control plan confirming to 2003 EPA construction general Requirement implemented.

Expected recycled & local materials to amount to 30%
of the materials used in construction.

Paints utilization.

Provision of fresh air for all occupied spaces ensuring highest Indoor Air Quality Standard.

High efficiency
VRV air conditioning

Expected use of reflective roofing sheets and light coloured concrete to reduce Heat Island effect.



Pimkie Apparels Ltd.

Longitude: 23.8822827
Latitude: 90.3944727

Address: Plot#328, Block-F,
Tongi Industrial Area
Contact: 01713-160520

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